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Training Recap: Week 1 (6/11-6/17)

Well, I got back on the horse. Thanks to my friend Lauren, who sent me texts until I proved I was at my run, I completed 3 of the 4 runs. It wasn’t a perfect first week, but I will take it.

Here’s the breakdown:

Plan called for: 15 miles (Tue/Thur/Fri/Sat/Sun)

What I did: 11 miles (Wed/Thur/Fri/Sat)

All runs were designated easy pace and they were anything but.

Average pace was over 15 minutes/mile but I hope to improve as I get back into it.

We shall see how week 2 goes….

Hello Old Friend

It’s been awhile…..

Six months to be exact.

That was the last time I put on my running shoes and completed a race. It’s been even longer since I did a training run (September 2017). I can’t pinpoint just one reason for this lapse. I just came up with millions of excuses; I’m too tired, I couldn’t fall asleep last night, I have a long day ahead of me at work and need sleep, I am traveling this weekend, This is my only day to sleep in, I think my ankle is still swollen, I don’t want to run there, I need to do laundry. These excuses go on and on.

But at some point, I just need to stop making excuses.

So here we are again, starting over, trying to find the motivation.

Fall Marathon training has begun.

Wish me luck!

Training Recap: Weeks 1 -3

I always get really motivated at work that the next morning is going to be the day I wake up early and run. And then morning comes and I just sleep in instead. That happened for 12 of the 13 running days for the first three weeks of training.

Week 1: 0 Miles out of 7 Miles

Week 2: 0 Miles out of 15 Miles

Week 3: 3 Miles out of 21 Miles

The one day I did manage to run, I was still short one mile due to google maps leading me to the wrong meeting location. It was a planned easy run while I build up mileage and I kept my heart rate consistent, but it is still higher than the Maffetone 180 Formula plan.

Wish me luck on Week 4!



Chicago Marathon Training & Bet

After a terrible 2016 racing year, I have come to realize that I can only slack off on training plans so much and still improve my marathon times. I have some big goals for the 2017-2018 Marathon Season (Aug-July) and if I want to obtain those goals, I need to get serious.

I am planning to run the Chicago Marathon, the New York City Marathon, the Walt Disney World Marathon and the Los Angeles Marathon this coming year. Right now I only have one goal in mind, run a sub-5 hour marathon at the Chicago Marathon. Why? Well, over Memorial Day Weekend my parents visited and out of this visit came a true bet. Not a traditional Kolsrud Challenge, a real bet. So real, that I wrote up a contract for my Dad and I to email sign. The terms, if I run a sub-5 hour marathon in Chicago I get $1000.00 and if I don’t, I pay my dad $500.00.  It isn’t all about the money, I also want a PR (personal record) real bad and where better than Chicago, the setting of my last PR in 2015 (5:27).


I need to drop 27 minutes off my currently best marathon time and it has proven harder than imagined. I need to really tighten up on my bad eating habits, good bye McDonald’s, and focus on fueling the body with the right foods. The other factor, is the training plan. I usually find something online and follow it 50% of the time. This won’t work. Over the spring, I had researched a few plans and had an idea of what I wanted to do. I am doing a hybrid of two plans, the Hanson Marathon Method and the Maffetone M.A.F. Test. I will be aiming for my easy runs to all be at the M.A.F. test heart rate. This will allow me to prevent injury and see where my fitness is at so I can see if the sub-5 is achievable.


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I have enlisted my good friend Lauren and some co-workers to try and keep me accountable. To help even further, I will be posting what workouts I do each week and every so often what my race pace will be based on those workouts. I need the online accountability as my training should have started the week of June 6th and I have yet to run. But here we are and tomorrow is Day 1!

Wish me luck!




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2017 Los Angeles Marathon

Lucky 13, that is what I am this past year’s Los Angeles Marathon was.

The Los Angeles Marathon is a race I have now ran three times and each time it does get better. Weather is the main factor of my less than stellar runs the previous two years and this year, the weather gods were nice and gave us more favorable conditions. Don’t get me wrong, it got hot, but it was significantly better than previous years.

My weekend began on Saturday morning at the LA Big 5k race at Dodger Stadium. This is a nice family orientated 5k and was the perfect choice for my shake out run. (I tend to skip my shake out run, so I leaped at the chance for a reason to stay accountable and earn a medal!).

After the race, I headed to the race expo. I choose to drive myself and parked in one of the ramps. Tip for next year – find street parking. The expo was great and Skechers really brought great merchandise this year. In all, I spent about 2.5 hours there before heading home to rest up.

Race morning I elected to drive to Dodger stadium since I had friends meeting me at the finish line to drive me home. The race is point-to-point so you either park at the finish or the start line. They offer shuttles for free from both the finish line and select Metro Stations.

Once at the race, I headed to the Air France Start Line Hospitality Lounge and met up with the other Conqur Ambassadors. If you run LA, add on this option! You get a heated tent, stretching area, private bathrooms, private gear check and pre-race snacks! I took advantage of all of this and wonder why I have never done this option before.

The Conqur Endurance Group Ambassadors! Great people!

Before I knew it, it was race time! I was in a seeded corral, but since I was injured, I elected to start in the open corral. I hate being in runners way and knew I wasn’t running as fast as planned. Instead, I looked for the Clif Bar Pace Team and lined up with the 5:30 group. My plan, hang with them for as long as possible. I usually check in with their team at the expo to see what the race day plan is for the Pacer. I luckily had one utilizing the run-walk method.

The course is hilly, but it is beautiful. I always enjoy running through the city, because for the other 364 days a year, I avoid most of the area because I hate traffic. Running on closed roads just brings a peace to me and makes me love the city. Miles 1 – 4 flew by and then we hit the first big hill. I hate this hill, but there is always great crowd support there and that makes it bearable.

Love running through Chinatown

Shortly after the hill we move out of the Downtown area and into West Hollywood area. Along the course is the famous hot dog cheer station (free for runners!), a glimpse of the Hollywood sign and Jimmy Kimmel’s Prankster Team along Hollywood Blvd. The last two years I have made Jimmy’s video (background only) as I do not fall for the pranks.

Right before Hollywood Blvd, I pulled back from the Pace Group. I stayed with them for nine miles, but my legs and body couldn’t keep the faster pace. I adjusted my run-walk intervals and settled in for the final fifteen.

I hit my wall early on the LA course, right around the half way point. I think it is partly due to lack of crowds and partly due to no shade coverage. I knew I had friends at miles 19 and 20, so I told myself only a 10k to my first group of friends and pushed through the wall. Around mile 16 I ran into fellow Pasadena Pacer runners and that gave me the push I needed. I reminded myself that I was out here to have fun, not have my best race time. So out the phone came and I started taking photos and safely Snapchatting. See Snapchat and the Los Angeles Marathon had teamed up to bring over 40 Geofilters and I wanted to be like Pokemon and find them all!

One of the 40+ Snapchat Geofilters

This new task kept my mind off the race and I found myself smiling and interacting with the crowd and volunteers again. Soon I hit mile 19 where my November Project friends were manning a water station. I cannot tell you how great those hugs were and how seeing their energy kept me positive. That just continued to grow, because at mile 20 the famous Pasadena Pacer cheer station was set up. They have members run us in and ask if we need anything. You feel like a NASCAR driver at a pit stop. They have everything! I opted to get a cooling towel to help with my body temperature and kept going.

Mile 21 is my least favorite mile, just not pretty and lacks energy. We are running under the 405 overpass so not many spectators can be there. But I knew once I got to the other side there would be the super not-so-secret beer stop. I stopped to grab a dixie cup of beer and phoned my friends at the finish to let them know I was less than 90 minutes from the finish.

My dixie cup of beer

The last five miles seem to drag on, sure we are closer to the ocean so the temperature drops, but I usually am dragging my feet and just ready to be done. See, they hide a hill right around mile 23 and it is just cruel. I know it is coming and at mile 22 I spot another November Project runner and yell out some encouragement. The runner responds and we both have the look of dread so I ask if I can run with them for a bit to try and get some energy for the hill.  That turned into us running the final miles together. It was his first marathon and we began to take videos at the mile markers and chat about running and our lives. It was just the distraction I needed.

At the six hour mark I knew that I would not beat last years time, but I kept positive. We had just under a mile to go and we were on the final stretch. I heard my two friends yelling (not because they spotted me, but because the spotted the other November Project runner) and I yelled back. After that I was ready to finish the last 0.4 left. I started yelling at my favorite race announcer, Rudy Novotny, and he gave me a great finish line shout out back! And that was it, I finished my third Los Angeles Marathon. My comeback race after a difficult year. My race to prove I could do better. My chance to enjoy the city of Los Angeles. Lucky Marathon 13.

Registration for the Conqur LA Challenge is open! The challenge includes the Santa Monica Classic 5k/10k (Sept), Pasadena Half Marathon (Jan) and the Los Angeles Marathon (March).

Click here to register! 

Registration for only the Los Angeles Marathon will open in September.