Walt Disney Marathon 2012

Two sisters trying to win the Kolsrud Challenge(s)



Hello! My name is Erica and I am a thirty something year old living in the state of 12308273_10103428270415549_2070513058396774436_nCalifornia. I began running marathons in 2012 after challenging myself to run 26 miles for my 26th birthday year. I figured after one marathon I would be done and consider another item crossed off the bucket list. However, before the race even started, my dad challenged me to qualify for the Boston Marathon (time needed is 3:35). Since I am not one to back down for a challenge, I have continued to run marathons and half marathons since.

I have completed 13 Marathons, — Half Marathons, — 10ks and – 5ks.

My current PRs are 5:27(26.2), 2:22(13.1), 1:11(6.2).

Join me on my journey to qualifying for the Boston Marathon. Along the way I will complete challenges between my family members and myself to help keep me motivated!

The next challenge is to break 4:30 in my marathon distance!


Hi, I’m Kari! I am a wife, mother, and runner. I was a competitive swimmer for 16 years, starting at age six and going all the way through college. Running was never something I was interested in, or good at. I didn’t take up running until my college swimming career ended, and it was mainly because I wanted to keep in shape and try to compete in something other than what I had been doing for over 70% of my life. My first ever running race was a marathon, and I hated it. I barely trained, I lacked motivation, my diet was terrible, and I felt like giving up everyday. But, I survived. My passion for running has wavered over the past couple of years, but I think I’ve finally acknowledged the fact that I am meant to be a runner. I am anxious to see where my newfound running career will take me.

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